Aloha from Charles in Hawai'i

Hi everyone, I'm just checking in from beautiful Oahu. Glad everyone has been "feeling the love" for history while I've been away. It's interesting that even here they venerate a local hero of the 19th Century A.D. named Kemehemehe as their very own "King David." Can't get away from the subject matter no matter how far we go in this world!

I finished a new essay titled, "Jacob as Incarnation of Re", before leaving on this trip. This will get posted as soon as I can manage it, and as the first installment of a three-part overview. These essays pull together the major points of the on-line book, but in such a way that you will be left absolutely breathless with new understanding, even if you have read the complete book. When we are all on the same page (so to speak), then I will post the solution to the New Testament enigma of Jesus.

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