The Overlooked Equation
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Both you gentlemen in your zeal to endorse Ahmed Osman and David Rohl have not taken into consideration the entire other half of the vast Asian continent that also had a few things to say regarding Biblical patriarchs....and then where in your equations and time lines do you consider the evidence in Europe? There has been found in Scotland ample proofs that Jesus' grandmother and father were actually Scottish Celts who also had business and extensive land-holdings in Egypt...Now, consider new research by authors like Gene Matlock, who swears every pharaoh and Jew came from India! Books like the Mahabarata epics and the Rajatarangini provide clues we are seeing the same men appear again and again. They weren't rulers of "Egypt" ....they were recoginized rulers clear across all central asia!
Masada? Apparenelty you are unaware that the newest research regarding Jesus is that he did survive crucifixion ...It was his son he was trying to save at Masada...but the negotiations was Jesus who stood nearby unable to prevent the death of his son....coward? Fighting losing battles? that's cetainly not how they remembered him in Tibet and India!
What I am saying to you gentlemen is that your views are outdated and far too have utterly failed to take into account much new research....
Ahmed Osman and David Rohl have made the same critical errors many researchers make...they stopped short of the real goals then tried to make everyone fit in to a time line that they stretched beyond credibility...
But I've had enough here.
Have fun and play nice.

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