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Eddie Larry,

Thank You for your post and position. I'll try to keep it entertaining. I am not sure what the DNA results really say except Khazars are roaming everywhere, which is what I've always maintained. Notice, many of my responses or deeper inquiries are never addressed or properly rebuttled?! A good debate now and then is good for the mind though.

There was a question for TRex I wished to address about why is Moses mentioned in the Quran?! Well, I believe TRex didn't ask a deep enough question...Why does the Koran say Jesus didn't die on the cross and resurrect from the dead, but instead was just taken into heaven and that Judas was put on the cross in his place?! Another question is why does the Koran say Moses, Mary and Jesus lived at the same time (being contemporaries)? This would fit perfectly as the unveiled evidence I have laid out that AKHENATEN (Moses), Nefertiti (Mary) and Tutankhamen (Jesus) all lived at the same time and explains why Egypt is mentioned as their route of travel to avoid Herod in the NT. The NT is a corruption of legends that do not accurately portray 1st Century AD Israel or the time Rome took a Census of its empire. Scripture has many flaws too long to list on this note. There was absolutely zero evidence a Jesus of Nazareth ever lived in the 1st Century A.D.. The reason being is because Nazareth was not a city until 68 A.D., and was an abolished city since the days of Babylon destroyed it.

In the out of print book called THE JESUS SCROLL written by an author Joyce Donovan. This claimed that a JESUS OF 'G'NAZARETH (Gnazareth) lived to to the age of 80 or so, carrying on a Messianic role who claimed to have been the Jesus we know in the NT. This evidence was supposedly hidden from the church after it was found in archaeological ruins at Masada just a few decades ago. Jesus the defeated warrior, rather than Jesus the triumphant Spiritual savior on a cross. This image of Jesus the Church didn't want anyone to see because it showed a failed Jesus fighting against Roman occupation in a WACO Compound style no different than David Koresh against The FBI & ATF in Texas 1993.

I hope that too clears up why Moses is mentioned in the Koran. The Koran of course was written well after the New Testament and carries some level of Gnostic counter-theme, so go figure!

Hey, I got more comin'.


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