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I am sorry to say, but you have failed to simply read any of my past e-mails within the week accurately. First of all, I never ever one time listed Graham Hancock as an author I admire. I believe publishes levels of disinformation. 2nd, I have records in this discussion forum saying recently that my belief based on lack of documentation, Mohammed was no real historical character too. 3rd, I mentioned Abraham as a reference to his Father Terah. If you read any of my posts within the last several days, I also posted that the Mythical Abraham was The historical Pharaoh MAM-AYBRE.

Mr TRex, I am not sure from what angle your debate arrives from or what your attempt is. But you have mistaken a few assumptions of me and my position because you are simply not reading any of my posts or if you are reading them, you are not reading them with an understanding from sentence to sentence.

I would recommend you go back at least a month or two and even in the past week to check out all of what I've posted. You seem to not be updated on any issue I've brought up.

The only thing I agree with you is that Islam is Hostile to Jews well before the 20th Century and Islam has a well documented history of persecution of Jews just as your Christianity does. Thank goodness I am neither Christian or Moslem. Christians who pretend they are nothing like Muslims are simply dodging centuries of proof. But one thing I do say is Zionism is racist and deceptive and purposely pits Jews against Jews and every other race.

Mine is not a religious issue because I do not let Religion send my passions off to war or sympathy for the persecution of another group. That is something the Larger Reigions cannot claim. Even Buddhism has more blood on its hands than what most of the Western World knows too.

The creators of Islam and Christianity is a complex issue if you ever wish to delve into that sometime. I believe Christianity, Judaism and Islam all have pagan origins. If you read my posts, you would have realized that. They also have real flesh and blood people that inspired some of the stories and legends mixed in those pagan legends. A mish-mesh of everything the believer needs to feel the comforts of heaven every Friday (Islam), Saturday(Judaism;Sabbath) & Sunday (Christianity).

TRex, were there any issues I need to clear up? Somehow, somewhere you've pegged me for a Muslim. Where on earth did you get that idea from?

As for the Jews in Egypt? When did I ever say they were in Egypt? You have got to be pulling my leg right? Are you making this stuff up as you go along? Have I not maintained that the Jewish identity is more of a borrowed theme and is not as old in antuiquity as the Bible pretends? Some Scholars have estimated there were a people in Egypt called The Hapiru that could have been a reference of our belowved Hebrew people. But the only problem here is we come to a conclusion that the Hapiru were worshippers of the Egyptian Deity Hapi. This is where we get the root word of HAPPY from.

I have many times referenced the term HYKSOS Kings as one of the sources where the Jews tap their so-called ancestor memories from. It is possible the Jewish identity descened from that and I am willing to bet certain large sectors of Khazarian Jews descend from The Hyksos as well as other migrating people.

By the way TRex, I am a Khazarian Turk. Most modern day Khazarian Turks and Khazarian Jews descened from the same people of Khazaria. I hope that sheds some light about me for you.

My advice to you is please follow the threads accordingly that you approach. Please carefully read what it is you are addressing because I do not think you are following along as you think.

I do believe I have the capacity to carry on an intelligent discussion and will be glad to clarify anything further for you TRex. I keep it Scholarly and inquisitive.


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