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Conjecture is the name of the game here at this discussion forum. Obviously you must be a religious man. I am not a religious man. As for Noah? Well the Hindus have a legend of NOE who built an Ark. The Hebrews borrow from them. When the Hebrews were in Babylonian Exile, this was when they began to take on their beliefs after the likeness of the Babylonian flood and to generate something in writing for the first time. How can we know Hebrew Culture borrowed from other cultures? Simple, the other cultures have their stuff carved in stone before the Hebrews even got it into a scroll. Who wrote it down first TRex?

Also, how do we know Akhenaten was not a myth? Because he is referred to by contempories. In case you didn't realize, there is a whole list of Pharaohs proven to exist because we have their corpses on file. We have King Tuts body on file and photographed and we can known he was Joshua of the Bible, but was ony called Joshua by Hebrew myth makers centuries later. The Essene, Gnostics and or covert legend preservers would go on to later make him into Jesus (Yeshua) Christ the anointed MeSSa. Messiah as a word originated in Egypt too. Itmeant "One annointed with the fat of a Dragon (Crocodile). The Persians borrowed the term Messiah from Egypt and during Persian Captivity was the first time Hebres ever referred to their version in writing as a Hope for a Messiah (Mashiac).

The Church was later proven to fraud the public that half the Saints they honored never existed and were merely based on the identities of older pagan gods whose worship was trying to be suppressed by the Church.

Babylon existed for a long time and it was they who are first seen on written record of the term SABBAT (Sabbath), yet another borrowed tradition by Hebrews when they had access to Babylonian Libraries to plagerize from. There is nothing in the Old or New Testament of major traditions that was not already believed by the pagans first. It is a very well known fact that the Egyptians didn't borrow from Psalms 104, but Psalms 104 borrowed from Aton worship Egyptian theme almost word for word.

Do you or other Christians still say AMEN at the end of your prayers? This hasn't always been so in the Hebrew culture. That was yet another holy/mythical term borrowed from Egypt in the worship of AMEN-RA. It was the Egyptians who first wrote down and practiced saying AMEN at the end of their prayers which was a reflection of honoring the deity AMEN. TRex, can you actually sit and tell this forum the Egyptians borrowed their terms from the Hebrews in their myths and the word Amen was Hebrew first? I think not.

Did you know the the term 'ARK OF NOAH' was originally a term in Egyptian phonetics that described the flooding of the Nile annually?

Did you know that the term BIBLE means a BABYLONIAN Holy Scroll? Ever since Pharaoh Apophis I (Terah, Father of Abraham) was exiled from Babylon, this Family took on a hostile role and attitude against Babylon. It was no wonder why there were so many Anti-Babylonian statements in the Bible. Apophis I was mad and played God as the voice in the chapters for a short while. His descendants have echoed the holy voice of revenge ever since. This has perhaps resulted in todays Gulf War where the insane Neocons combined with Christian fear have developed such an Anti-Middle Eastern attitude in America, despite that 8 Millions Arabs are U.S. Citizens.

TRex, Whether you post again or not is OK, but you would have to be kidding yourself and authentic sholarship to even hint Akhenaten or any pharaoh in his time was fictional. The man left behind his own architecture and he built things. He left inscriptions in stone. What has confused your suspicion are the Jewish editors in the 4th Century B.C. to introduce to their own people and other oppressors their own Historical Revisionism.

Hebrews currently believe Moses is buried here or there, but nobody really knows nor has seen the skeliton remains of this man, nor any artwork or inscriptions in stone by him. Centuries after the legend was invented do they come carving names for their legends. As for the case of Akhenaten, we have evidence that Pharaohs after him tried to remove all trace of Akhenaten and his God ATON.They didn't succeed though.

TRex, incase you are a Christian, which sounds like you are. The 4th Century Propagandist, Christian Historian and Editor Esubius is well known amongst Scholars to be one of the greater forgerers of facts and legends of all time. He was proven to interfere with the works of Flavius Josephus to have injected the remarks about Jesus when originally there were none. Even most Catholic Sholars and half of the Protestant Scholars came to admit this finally in the 20th Century. Also, The Catholic Encyclopedia admitted it had a tomb for St Peter who may have never existed. The Church admitted it made tombs and relics from fictional Saints. Egypt wasn't into the historical fraud and fiction in any way that The Church was. Also Hebrew Priests had to develope, if not invent an idenity for their people in a crisis of growing and invading empires and invaders tossing their people around. There was no Great Temple of Solomon by a Solomon built in Israel. There was no King David that spoke Hebrew and conquered under the symbol known as THE STAR OF DAVID. In fact, the Star of David did not become associated with only Jewish people (Ashkanazi Khazars?) until the 17th Century A.D.. Thanks to The Rothschilds and their Occult Beliefs, they borrowed the HEXAGRAM as one of their own Family sigils. The Hexagram before that was used for centuries by many cultures to conjure Magic. It was not of Hebrew origin, though Kabbalists and Hebrews were known to associate it with early occult studies and magic later adopted by NWO Zionists and the Rothschilds.
TRex, do you want me to go on?


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