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Yes, I believe Moses was a Myth who never existed by flesh and bone. If you read Charles Pope's Chapters, he like I equate Moses to be of an altered Hewbrew story phenomena based upon the original acts and events in Egyptian history. I equate the historical Akhenaten as the Hebrew Moses and the Syrian Misis.

TRex, have you read any of my posts and others posts concerning the identity link between Moses and Akhenaten? With the Revolutionary acts Moses did and all the disturbance this caused, I find it quite overly spectacular how Moses was never mentioned in Egypt as leading an Exdodus or mass migration out of Egypt, nor were any of the plagues of that great proportion mentioned in Egyptian history. Egypt has a longer and written history in stone. They have even pained their history in amazing detail. However, when trying to find the evidence of Moses, we only find one match in Akhenaten. It was Akhenaten who went to be exiled in the desert, migrate to Mt Sinai and various regional location and do most of the parallel things usually assigned to only Moses by Hebrew story tellers.

TRex, I believe in flesh and blood characters are being the inspiration of these cherished Bible stories. I just see when stories are told centuries after the details, often a cultural bias or slant can take on a Myth of its own. It is quite known by Scholars that The Jewish priests in the 4th & 5th Centuries B.C. took upon themselves a vast EDITING of their own belief systems to abolish or cover up the paper trail they were and always have been polytheists and ancestor worshippers. This is the similar case for most characters the Bible presents to us in the OT & NT. The OT & NT went through great edits and alterations before the masses came to read them. The Greeks are no longer offended when you tell them Achilles or Hercules may have not really been known under those specific names. It turned out though they found a city that matched every description the GREEK lEGENDS called TROY.

I also take into account that one name in a certain langauge is said differently in another language. Pseudonyms can evolve when popular characters of legend proceed. Scholars have linked Hercules the Demigod with Melkart the Deity. Even the Greeks linked their own HERMES with the Egyptian THOTH. This tells us HERMES was not his true name and it may turn out THOTH is only an Egyptian face, name and term not necessarily based on the real man that could've inspired the legend.

TRex, the list is long on the idenity equations. That is the whole point of this forum and a highly fascinating endeavor. I hope you've let Julius Caesar into your heart as your Lord and Savior. LOL

If you have more questions of me, then go ahead.


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