Re: "Akhenaten was Cyrus the Great Messiah"


Yeah thanks. I checked out That eagle site the last time you posted it and I did find it interesting. Then that was why I asked you what you thought about the discrpency issue how Pharaoh Akhenaten and King Cyrus was the same person though according to most any historical scholarship, they lived a DOCUMENTED timeline of Centuries apart. I do not believe the eagle site addresses that discrepency. I was merely asking you if you had an answer for that of your own. Thats OK though. I hope you get my point when you look up the two characters in History and though they were proven to exist by contemporaries in their own residing centuries. This is what adds the dilemma on the eagle site theory these were the same men.

The more we delve into Moses, the more controversial he becomes. However, The other issue with Mr Muster is he hasn't answered me back in a couple of days now on the why he believes with some concrete evidence how Kamose who even came well before Akhenaten, could have been the inspiration of the Moses story. Akhenaten like Moses the myth, was exiled from Egypt. Kamose was not exiled from Egypt, but was the one busy making others exiled. Kamose sits on the opposite spectrum of character and role, was my whole point.

Any how. Its only a discussion board and I am merely trying to create some concrete discussion so this forum can decide what theories stand to reason and what theories still need to go back to the drawing board.

Guys, I promise I won't try to be hard on anyone here. I am just very fond of straightening out the facts from flights of fantasy while this alternative Scholarship approach continues. Though I do not have degrees from Harvard or Oxford to back up my points, I believe I can take on discussions with Scholars. my fields of reasearch are Science, Quantum Mechanics, Hyperspace Theory, History, Politics, Economics, Medicine, Alchemy, and the list goes on and on. I am a Jack of all trades in a wide variety of discussions as I have many years of indepth experience and research that could stand up to a degree anytime, anywhere.

I happen to take Scholarship very seriously and pride myself of being an informed person. I am a very detailed oriented person concerning discussions. A single detail can vastly alter a topic if misunderstood if sloppily researched or not caefully discussion in a competent fashion.

At the same time Ozzie, I try to keep it interesting and stimulative. So far, I've had no complaints on my methods or approach by Mr Pope. He has hinted my posts can sometimes be useful for him. I was honored to hear that because I am indepted to Mr Pope and Mr Osman for shedding Light in a unique direction that gives ground we can finally stand on with the Bible and various legends. These two men fit into catagories of honor as the following authors....Robert Graves, Andrew Collins, Barbara G. Walker and Sir Laurence Gardner.

It is authors such as these, which forever shatter our preconceptions about History and Anthropology with sources and well founded exaustive , virtually flawless research to back up their points.