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Mr Muster,

I wished to clarify reasons why it was impossible for Kamose to have been the Biblical Moses. First of all Moses was pretty much forced to leave Egypt in exile and to never comeback. This was more the case of Akhenaten, not Kamose. In fact, It was Kamose who wanted the Hyksos out of Egypt. Kamose in no way I can see was exiled from Egypt. Pharaoh Kamose in no way fits a profile of Moses. It was Akhenaten who was first to propose an openly religious rebellion ATON. This is the parallel sign the Hebrew story shows as following their God out of Egypt. No other figure fits Moses closer than Akhenaten on these acts.

Mr Muster, you spring up root words and phrases out of thin air, with often no evidence to suppot why words came from somewhere else. Be simple, how can Kamose be Moses, when Akhenaten did more of what Moses did?