Re: Elysian Fields in Turkey, BUT, originally in A

Mr Muster,

I am sorry, but I still disagree with most on what you say. Everything you equate with Clashing Planets and switching orbits accross the entire solar system, while Elephants make the sialors drown with their sounds. This Velikovsky guy is an extremely invalid source to quote and trust. I do not think that man made any sense on points cases he tried to make. It takes a lot of visuals and Cosmic stunts for what he claims all these planets and heavenly bodies did.

Mr Muster, you must realize, I also equated Plato could have been speaking in political form when he wrote Atlantis as a possible theory of his modern times. You claim Atlantis was in Arabia, then you turn around and say now you agree Alantis was old Athens. The fact remains that the Atlantians were said to be fighting the Athenians. That was something I address a month ago.

Mr Muster, I happen to take the Sumerian Myths quite seriously. You don't even stick to a consistent chronology, while you have planets doing flips and jumping through hoops in the heavens. It almost makes my head spin.

Also, where in the world did you get the notion that Messia meant Military General? Messiah comes from the Egyptian term MeSSa (Messa) which means Djedi's anointed by the Fat of Dragons (Dragon Kings). There is evidence of this going back to atleast 2,700 B.C.

Mr Muster, I hope you don't mind, but your views are way out in left field for my tastes. I find it very difficult to comply with your deductions on many topics. I find the ideas of Velekovsky quite absurd and too far out there to digest into a faithful Scholarly system. No matter what, the discussion show must go on.