Re: Elysian Fields in Turkey, BUT, originally in A

indeed You are right mr Erol Asya, NOT POseidon(=Posidon)was in charge of HADES but Hades and Persephone ( or Pluto and Prosperina!)
The sequence is: Demeter-(Core)Persephone and Ceres-Prosperina.
AFTER Posidon-Danaos/Adam, was Demonized by his wicked brother Kamose"Egyptos"-Moses, the name Posidon waS ChAnged into Lord of Athe or short; Hade(s)"Lillith-Leukothea"was changed into Persephone which means"Singing-Maiden" (The"Deadly Sirens -of EscheriA"!)Etc. A.M.
ELI SION or Mount SION or ABU SION waswritte: Deli(= high place!)and Seion. which was Textcorrupted into: Eli-Sion"(Without the intermittant"small-E" this maded the tracing of Eli Sion to Deli-Seion
hard if not incompatible for"Conventional"etymologists, but one muyst lern to "Read between-the-Lines"! "Gods and UFO's don't exist! They are Ancient Text-corruptions! Like The "Annunakki and Iggiggi"! Which Both mean plainly"Elephant(s)" Sincerely Alexander MUSTER.