Re: Adam had a mother:"Nama"and daughter:"Lillith"

DEAR EROL, I have sent my Egyptian/Greek/HINDU chronology Chart again to your"Magical"webtv site! Maybe You have not studied it or the typeface is hard to read ( It is in plain "Arial-Font though!)Not ALL the womwn of thew dsiverse Pharaohs are inserted because of Lack0of space! "Lillith"as wife/niece of DANAOS was called INO/INanna/Ashera and even Arhargatis! ("Queen-of-Athe")LlILITH WAS NOT HER pROPER NAME
Somew ancient Logograper calls her: isaea or even Tarbis(= Tara-Arabis"!)and her Father( which was not Kamose( because of his Headinjury/war wound falling of his cammel in combat, but shew was fathered by Kamose's father Seken-en Re( the greek AGENOR!) her real name was SITA KAMOSE, but in that capacity she was named in greek:
"Ceto"and her second husband "Phorkys"( the 4th "pseudonym form"of biblical Adam. Biblical Adam of 200 bc is the same as greek DANAOS of 1.000 bc! I have tried to tell this to you severeal times but in your last Post you think that I am mistaken and that "Lillith-Adams'daughter from 2.000 bc could not"possibly"the same as the 1st Wife of Kaqmose from 100 bc. ( conventionally:"Kamose lived 1500 bc, but I am constantlyt talking about"Revised"chronology"hewre that sliced-off 500 years from Conventional"say Charles'Dates by 500 years less. maybe that was the basis of our TimeLine-misunderstanding!
My REVISED-Chronology Chart is ALSO in non-conventional Timeline thus, wITH 500years LESS: I hope You understand that Charles Pope's Kamose of 1550 bc is MY'Kamose"of (only) 1050 bc.! Charles is sticking to an OLD concept of( unchanged chronology and I by dr.VELIKOVSKY's REVISED-Chronology which is 500 years less between 1500 and 100 bc. How can I make myself more clear??? sincerely A.M.
PS, THIS time PRINT-OUT my Chronology File Attachment BEFORE you give any further Comments THANK YOU!