Re: Kamose( Yahweh!) as the biblical MOSES.
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"ELLEMENTARY"DEAR WATSON", the purpose of "Thoth-God"to devide the empty-World after the( biblical?)Deluge was to repopulate and re- cultivate the EARTH, those "7"days may have took 7 years!"Danaos/Aahron got "Lybia" at first I was puzzled about that but present"Arabia"was called "Lybia-Magna"in Danaos/Aahron days!( a fact that no Historic Cartograher knows, for I just thought that up!)
and "Egyptos"(=Kamose-MOSES>)got"Arabia"BUT in Moses days, Luristan/was called"Arabia"! Danaos/Aahron, was very "uneasy" about his Brother, after this recent accident-fall,( he got off his "rocker") from his Camel! and went from Lybia to Europe, beforehand, before anything may have gone wrong with his temper!.... and sure enough, "Moses"( calling himself now:"Egyptos"the conquerrer, went after him with some useless sons that had to be married . since these 5"USELESS-Sons"were born after "Moses" spiritual-fall-of-Grace" Aahron/Danaos did not want his precious daughters to have a "raving Lunatic"a madman, as their father-inLaw, even if he was his ( elder)brother and could push his offspring to none of the neighbouring Dynasties ( who also knew of "Egyptos"/Moses Fall-of-his--Camel" so to avoid any mentally-abnormal offspring, he ordered his 5daughters to kill their future husbands. Only Son Lynceus"Respected the virginity" of daughter Hypermnestra, who only had orders to kill her husband if he had sex with her( which he "did not"as Clinton would say!)and from Lynceus cam -later- several Kings which were not effected by the"Curse"of Moses/Kamose.! When afterwards You and maybe even mr Charles.N.Pope will equate Saul with Thutmosis-1 and David with Thuthmosis-2, we may have a "Hearty Laugh about why we had not spotted THAT before! Meanwhile I will have to take the brunt of your sincere"riddicule"! Sincerely A.Muster

PS if all of the Synchronic-Chronologymakers would have studied dr Velikovsky's "revised-Chronology"better, there would not have been ( NEW-Chronologic differences from the start!

This is the same stupid mistake the 5"Atlantologists" made! They purport to have read ALL about Plato's"Atlantis-Saga", BEFORE they made their conclusions in 2004 and situated "Atlantis"in the most remote places on Earth! I have interviewd them about the name of "Atlantis"royal capital City, None of them knew that wordL: "POSEA"
they continued to name it just"City"{in 9,000bc?!)

NON of them had read the FIRST line of the "Dialogue"properly in which Critias in an admittently "accidentprone"-sentence equated "Atlantis"with: OLD-Athens! So"| Atlantis"was OLD-Athens all along! I already know that at the impending"Atlantis"2005 Conference on Melos in Greece,( july 10-13.) NON of the 55 Lectureres is aware of that fact which makes their speechesto be worthless speculations beforehand!

EROL, You must not be cross with me for telling a fib, that"Moses"/Kamose had made himself the Wargod of the Ethiopian/Moabites, he did that while campaining in Ethiopia and Somalia, whedre he was:"Elected"wargod( actually "Warchief"of the Massaii-Tribe, which he used as the mercenary"Madjay or Meshwesh"that formed the hamite core of his world-conquerring army( or"conventional"
roaming-band of "Fugitives"from the egyptian Host?)MESSIAH should mean
"The anointed"in Hebrew language? My foot:"Anointed in bloodshed"you mean, for an egyptian:"Meshwesh"was a profesional Soldier and a "Messiah", was an Armygeneral! After his military campains in East-Africa "Moses"/Kamose went to South-Arabia and Styled himself:"God-of-"Paradise"who asked"Adam( my dear, dear Brother Aahron, where ardst thou? And Adam hid himself in his garden! I can see You says"God"|(Kamose! ) Kamose had attacked"AI=Aden)once before and was beaten back than Aahron celebrated this repulsion of "an unprovoked"raid on paradise, wshen during the festivities Kamose attacked again ( as in the Yom-Kippur-War!)He caught "Adam"naked! or rather in his"Priestly garb ( which is almosty the same regarding egyptian priesly robes!)

( Your are forgivven!.....non-Egyptologists are not supposed to have knowledge of the previous fact. ( and, I am even only an-amateur- egyptologist at that!) You got ahead of me for I dont read Ivrit nor cuneiform script for instance I don't know anything about assyriology!THAT, is mr Charles. N. Pope thing! ( no sweat any Assyriologic Myths is culled from their-original_ egyptian source! Sincerely: A .Muster