Re: A "d m" and A "v" : adam and eve

Mr Muster,

What you equate as The Biblical Lilith being the wife of Moses (Kamose; your idenity translation) is outlandish. Lilith was one of the mates of Enki-Ea. Her myth is much older. That's where you find the origin of the Biblical Lilith. Mr Muster, you are off by thousands of years in the Lilith idenity plot. Of of course, if you had spoken of Nefertiti not leaving the Amarna Gardens with Akhenaten and staying behind to have her sexual political relations at home (Mary Magdalene prototype?), then we could talk as Nefertiti. Still even that would be a stretch, but more in a coherant direction "The renewed myth of Lilith", but not the original Lilith myth. This Lilith had nothing to do with Kamose, nor was there any etymological association possible to hint as such with Kamose.