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Mr Muster,

If you thought Kamose was Chemosh all along, then how come you posted he was Yahweh a few days ago while Ahmose as his subordinate devil counter-part? LOL, I'll still take the Kamose/Chemosh as credit. Also, the Atlantian Kings list? You don't have to post again if you want, but if that helps you, then be my guest. Did you ever stop to think I happen to agree with Mr Charles Pope that Kamose was the biblical King Saul? The events are more parallel than other personalities you propose. Kamose/King Saul also plays a strong prototype of Chronos. The stuff the Greek Myth compilers could use for their legends.

Mr Muster, your identification list may not agree with anyone. King Solomon and others, Mr Pope I believe is right on the money. You must carefully and slowly analyze the character profiles Mr Muster. Charles Pope did and so did I. Mr Muster, didn't you read Mr Popes chapters here at I have analyzed the worlks of ROHL, POPE & OSMAN. I see in general they agree with things, though they all disagree is certain identities. That goes with the territory I guess. They've all done fine work in helping to see history in an extraordinary new way.

I've pinned that Jacob is Amenhotep II, King David as a Composite of Thutmose I & Thutmose III. Isaac however takes up the rest of the slack and role of Thutmose III. The Biblical writers were not perfect in their syncritism transfer of their legends. Mr Muster, I doubt all of us would agree down to every detail on who's who from the Bible to Egypt. Remember, we still disagree about Atlantis & Eden.