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DEAR EROL ASYA, KAMOSE IS NOT SAUL, Did not I send you my"Atlantis"revised Kings List? as a FILE-ATTACHMENT.....or shall I send it again? Kamose is MOSES! and THUTMOSIS-! Is "SAUL" General YUYA is NOT Jacob and Amenhotep-III is NOT King SOLOMON!
Ofcourse Chemosh is Kamose and His Wife the wargoddess of MOAB was called:"Seethaa" Actually I already have sent a Story of Kamose as Chemosh over the internet, some years ago, under the Title of:"Princess-Europa-was She a Jewish-Princess? (and The ONLY Jewish-Empress-Goddess in History".)I wanted this story to be a Comic bookstory by Cartoon-Artist: Sussi Bech from the"Gimle-Studios"in Copenhagen, she received the manuscript but never gave specific comments, when I later questioned her about it she did not reply.

The funny thing of this matter is, that when an Egyptian army was marching towards "Moab"(=Ethiopia>)in 860bc The King of Moab was praying to the war God chemos to releave him of the Enemy, not realising, that Chemos was once an egyptian king! Sincerely, A.MUSTER

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