Strange birth of Judaism/Christianity/Islam.
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MOSES IS indeed KAMOSE he detroyed his brothers realm called Atlantis which was an Elephant Kingdom the God of "Canaan"=Elehantland was the White-Elephant which did all the work of digging canals in Atlantis"(which also means Elephant land or Punt-Land) Elephants itself means"God-of-Punt" Whenn Kamose succeded in chaceing Amose from Ras Adan( Sort for"Poseidonis-Polis"the Elephannt God Poseidon/Shiva.)He ordered Artists to erase the Elephants paws from all tremple murals so that only a trunk and flappy=ears remained and he renamed the Elephant to SERPENT( still: -King-of-Punt.) The evidence for this is found in EZDRAS Genesis 3-verse14 "GodYahweh(=Kamose)orders the"Serpent/El-of-Punt"to loose its 4 legs( which means that they were whitewashed, on on icons, which gave them the apearence of"Winged"Snakes or NEKHT-BET.)
Kamose like Muhammad fell off his camel got a braindammage and a hatred for Hyksos or Vedic-Asiatics The TWO temple pillars: Tumim-Zummim or Jabin-Boas were the original "trees"of LIFE(=goodking Danaos/Aahron.and the Tree-of knowledge of Good and evil was a pillars shaped in the immage of Kamose/Moses.)

So the Biblical notion of Two trees in Paradise is a metaphore they were actually TWO temple guardians, entrance pillars in the shape a a White-Elephant. Kamose ordered these"Trees"to be modified into smooth pillars with Bulls heads or reshaped into Lions'heads.

About'ATON': Dr Velikovsky thinks that this is tthe Comet-Venus which approached earth with a Comet's tail. my contention is that this"ATON-Venus ias actually the moon, degassing it's interior, much as Mars had done! Astrophicists claim that Earth's axis could not be moved by a single Comet, i grand that Venus was an invading Comet called Dione in Earth's Orbit, but the planet Mars got in the way and "deflected"Comet-Venus"course to Earth, but in doiing so it made it's own deathwarrant for Mars and Venus interchanges Orbits around the Sun; Mars water frose-out and became the icy-ring around Saturn and some of Mars Water frose on top of the hymalayan and other mountains.

The moon was according to greek Myth, a copmpanian-satelite of Planet Venus and was catapulted by Mars towards the Earth and hit Earth Twice in 1075bc after which God(=Thot) redistributed the empty world amongst Amose and Kamose and in 855bc when a World-wide-Tsunami hit "Atlantis"(=for the second and last time!)

The pictures of "Aton"is not the("conventional") destructive near Earth Comet but the moon that had heated-up by earth's magnetic tidal waves. The"innocent"moon was the greek Huntress Diana( etymology for Daughter of Dione!)Thus the'Afrodite from the Foam of the Atlantic(=Indian) Ocean! A Comet's tail would be Sprouting, but the Moon's Gashydrant-deposits which forfmed the many Depression craters on the Moon, were"Foaming"which became long strings of Calcium/Natrium"Hands"
or snakes so that the moon was also called: "Medusa-with the snakeHair". I wanted to aswer with a double Feature but the SERVER got Jammed when I pressed the button so I sent you this Shorter version of my original reply, that got jammed. I hope that this answer is to your satisfaction!? Sincerely A. Muster.

PS as for "Christ": Caesar had a braindammage too when he was a tribune-(=Staf-)Officer in East-Turkey against the Partians and a War-wound that prevented his private parts to get children, but that did not impair his judgement as it did with Mohammed: Antique Romans were allowed many Faiths, muhammad imposed a Deathpenalty if a Muslim changed Faiths! He was almost poisioned by Zainab in 630ad, who's family he killed! A Nominal Muslim will or could not believe that Muhammad was a serial mass murderer. Nobody was waiting for his"religious-Reform" He wanted only the Gold from the Kabaala-Kaaba
Idols to finance his private army, to make other("vedic"-Arab-) Tribes to become"volutary"Muslims! Thanks to Website-member"Suzzanne I now know that Sir-Glubb-Pasha wrote an intesting Bookin 1950, about the"real"Mohammad! (I wonder what braindammage "Caliph-Fieldmarshall"Saddam-Hussein may have incuirred during his"shoot-outs"in .) "Atlantis"was a "Vedic"city in Ras-Adan(=biblical"Aden.)
As I have very briefly attempted about the"Real"Moses"The Lawgivver".