Dear Mr Muster,

I interprete Pharaoh Kamose not as Yahweh, but as the deity called CHEMOSH. Notice the phonetic similarity? He would also match as a rival to The God of Israel (Terah; Apophis I). Kamose was The supreme Pharaoh, who held strong territorial laws over Moab. It would be fitting he became their supreme God CHEMOSH. The Darker Moses. Maybe he had an Elephant tusk helmet like his brother Ahmose. Reminds me of that movie HELL BOY and his headed horn tusks.

Chemosh would be an alternative way of also saying the Babylonian SHAMESH. Remember, we are talking about The GOD CLUB here. It was Pharaoh AYE who played out the continued role and Priest-God called Sin that years earlier Abraham was known as none other than Ab-Sin, or Ab-Ram.

Abraham I believe was the Pharaoh Mam-Aybre. He was an upholder for the Godkingship of the archetypical Sin.

Kamose who was the Biblical King Saul, represented the continued authority of The SUN. He believed himself worthy of higher worship than the other elements, his brothers and relatives of The God Family. Could this be a reflection of the Koran story of Iblis-Shaytan Djinn (ATON made of fire), who refused to worship God's creation Adam (ATON his relatives of other pharaoh's made of clay). It is also interesting to note that the Kabbalistic legend of ADAM KADMON, parallels somewhat with "Kadmose" an alternative name spelling of Kamose before his fall from Grace in the ATON (Adonai) worhsipping Jews image. This is as if there is an esoteric message that Kamose let down the whole Family of Elohim.

I believe The Prophet Samuel of the Bible is none other than Enki-Ea also known as SOMA-EL, Lord of the Soma. Kamose, like his Family peers, venerated EA (Eyah; Yahweh prototype as an ancestor God of theirs hoping to invoke his approval and to ground his kingship in them as EA's continued Royal House). They all battled and bickered for who was most divine and who deserved to be the inheritor of EA's wisdom, guidance and Legacy. Currently, It was Apophis I who played the leader of the Elohim Family. This God Family of Egypt all interpreted EA's wisdom tried to speak through them all. They never did quit fighting amongst themselves.

This is why I would fit KAMOSE as CHEMOSH, rival against Yahweh. Knowing the Jews though, Yahweh seems to be originated as bits and pieces of other deities. Some say even Molech was an early form of Yahweh, others say different.


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