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Dear Mr Muster,

I just wished to clarify something. Did you say you believe Moses to be KA_MOSE and that through his wounded brain-damage, he became his own prophet by extra-visions, promoting simutaniously that he was Yahwey or he gained a following and legend has it his legacy produced the Yahweh phenomena? Thus, Moses (KAMOSE) and his God being one and the same! Is that somewhat the version that could've happened?

Do you have any opinions who could have been the historical character name ATON? Or are you sticking with the notion that ATON worship was based off a flying Comet memory?

I've even wondered if ATON could have been a worshipped energy source such as a Prototype of an Electrical gadget (Djed Column; Spine of Osiris?) like an ancient version of The Van De graffe Generator. How else were they to paint so many images in the dark within the halls of the Pyramids? Fire could not have been used because that would have been too smokey and too much fumes mixing into the ceilings which do not show up on ceiling or wall images. The way we see the Pyramids insides by electrical means had to be the way they used in electrical variation. Babylon proved they discovered how to make electricity battery back 4,000 years ago. Why else would Priests of Egypt see ths Djed Column as a magical power source to meditate near if it were only symbolic? Thats my view at least.