The meaning of Pharaoh


I have been reading "Living in truth" and I have come to understand that there were many individuals bearing the title of pharoaoh at the same time. This leads me to see this term as another term for king. I used to think thjat "The Pharoah" was a king of Kings or pendragon type individual. Someone so powerful that the offices of king and high priest reside in his person. This seems, in Living in Truth, not to be the case. Does pharoah mean the annointed king? Kind of like christos?

Finally, when I looked up pharaoh in the dictionary, right there was the term pharisee. Hmmm. I was wondering if there was an entymological link between pharaoh and pharisee? Was the pharisaic movement the movement of the upholders or pharaonic law?

I am open to all suggestions here.


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