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DEAR MR EROL AYSA, To begin with your earlier question, about jaweh or rather YAHWEH the jeallous god who disliked "graven" immages around him (but inspite of this seems to have appeared permanently, in between TWO double"graven"-"geschnittene"-Eunical-Angels on the Lid of the Arc of Convenant!)We as followers of"Father-God"have been dumfoulded into forgetting that even the Holy Bible tells us that"Jaweh"was first some obscure tribal god and has been made prominent by Mozes. If Moses/Moshe is an historical figure as KA-Mose, than "Jaweh"is his invention anbd even the Egyptians may never have heard of the combination "Ra-Amun"before!
Unfortunately no internet"Link"to my connection of "Ra-Amun"with its greek translation of:"Yah-Weh"exists, I just followed the example of the scholar called"Luxeburg"( probably mr Francesco-CAROTTA himself.) who spotted that Al-Tabari has mistranslated several KEY-elements from the original(wrong-DIALECT-)Quran into a distorted modern-Arab!version. Forinstance The "Hourries" that awaits MAN in Heavens(=Darl-0arl-al-jannatu)are not white-maidens but Wine-Mountains, as this was "culled" from the abbrivated Bible compilation of the"PESHITTA"manufactered in 370 ad by Saint Ephraim in Capadocia(present north=iraq.!)NOTICE that at that toime the controversy about Athenasius and Nestorians about the DUAL nature of God( and his son.) was not an issue yet and thge Dogmatic Holy Christian:"Trinity"did not exist yet because THAT was a new invention by bishop Basile-the-Great in 379 ad. So when Mohammed used to plagiarise this bibleversion in about 610 ad this version was already 300 years out-of-date! And Mohammed or rather his commentator/Secretari"Gibril"-al-Tabari, was not aware of the cristian lore or Christianity as a whole, if Christians would read the Qoran in the english verse they would say Blasfemy because it was written in the"Arrian"/nestorian tradition which was demonized in Mohammed's time!

ABOUT the Early-Earth's Orbit around Planet Jupiter: That case is very clear: The Egyptians of the (early-)18th Dynasty had made a"Book-of-the-DEAD"which looks as if it is a mere"MovieFilm-Clip"of the passage of the Moonsatellite"IO"around the Equator of Jupiter, with RA-Amun symbolised as an "Eye-on-a-Boat"is flowing around a firmament shaped as a sphere! STATISTICS say that the four Gaseous=Giant-Planets were ones Bigger and have shrunk, by letting off GAZ! this"{ bloodletting of thew 4 Giant Planets was performed by a wondering Comet called DIONE/Dionne, which later became the (new-)Planet Venus
anout the same time as the apperance ofg"Aton"which any Astronomedr would immediately recognize as a Near-Earth-Comet-with-a-tail, symbolised by egyptian Artists as long arms ending with little"Hands"

Againt by astrophysical STATISTICS(=backreckoning I shall not go into the exact/precise matematical detaills here because of my bad memory)
The 4 Gas=Planets must have orbited the Sun and Earth at very close range and in view of the naided"Eye, OR we must assume that the Greeks/Egyptians had allready invented a version, or copy of today's Largest Newton/Cassegrain Telescope! So when Earth-in-Orbit-around Planet Jupiter was "Kicked-into"another Orbit but now, around the Sun this may have been at the present Orbit of planet Mars! There is plenty of heat there for Planets with an Atmosphere, for Mars( greek Ares-Posidon.)was a water recycling-planet. mars itself and the moon and mercury wewre all in orbit around Planet Jupiter BECAUSE of the now long forgotten Theorem of Professor R.Lyttleton(-=1936-)who worked with Hoyl4e, that ONCE the Sun was a: "Binary-Star-SUN"who's
Companion collided with the Star"Sirius"and exploded, forming not 4 but 5 Gas-Giants: the fifth, of which the Earth was it's stoney-Core; together with all the stone/RockPlanets! By "internal radioactive combustion" this"fith"gas-Giant exploded and sent his fragmented stone
|Core to swerve in orbit, around the other 4 Gas-Giants! All"flying-Objects"in our Gallaxxy are provenant from THAT explosion, which today is named:"The"BIG-Bang"and mistakenly thought-of as the Birth of the WHOLE-Universe! (Just as ADAM and Eve were"mistakenly" the first Humanoids on Earth!(who wore gold jewellery and drank wine!)
By trajectory some of these"fragmented"pieces tend to boomerang back to their place of origen. Some even surmize that the ICE!rings of Saturn consist of the former lakes on Mars.
Any astrophysicist can tell you that the heaviest metal on the Sun is compressed Iron and that in order to get Uranium-a heavier Metalon Earth is impossible lest Earth would have been in the center-Nuclear-amboss-of a mini Nova-Explosion. My Neighbour is a theoretical-nuclear-scientist and dares me to"Proof"this "Theorem"of Lyttleton, lest it cannot be proven, just because nobody was witness to this sollitary fact or the STAR-Anomaly that caused it. I think this a very mean argument in view that the occurrence of Natural-|Uranium is the only explanation, even if the Uranium-Halftime-Decay would mean that allthoug it is thought that Earth exists for 3 Miljard years already the to trace back all lead-ore-mines to the original undecayed Uranium, would indicate a origin of ONE millikon Years in the past! AS IF all Uranium-ore deposites were simply"Injected"by an invisible hand!
SO, to conclude your Question about the heat transfere to "early-Earth" Io is receiving so much tidalwaves from Jupiter that it has internal vulcanism while receiving no heat nor light from the Sun, with Jupiter orbiting the early Sun at a close-shave range thjis may explain the violent pace with which former riverplains such as the Grandcanyon were once develloped during a 400(!)Days Quarternary year!
IF one combines Conventional Religion, with technology, the former Dogma's will be explained without poetic additions or embroided Myths!

PS-2 The manical wish to the destruction of a faith or other people is seen with Ka-Mose who hated the"Asiatics"( like Amin-Dada.)after a Headwound. like Herr Hitler; and also Mohammed who dislike the Vedic indians in Arabia and tried to "accomplice" the Jews and | do the same. IF the Holy-Pope John-Paul-II equates Today's islam with early-Christianism, he is quite right, only THAT was an early ArianChristianism that regarded the presentday Catholics as a small "Heretic-Sect".! And tied to emulate the Roman emperor's efforts to eradicate it. Things in History are not always what they seem to be!

PS 3 in July 13 a small TWO-days conference about the "existance of Lost-Atlantis", will be held with 55 "Lecture-applicants"on an island Milos. Two days is much too short fot 55 hal-hour Lectures so a ballot commision is instituted to cull 45-applicants! My contrbution is a halfA4 Page, in which I declare why ALL other 55 Applicants got their story-Basics on "Atlantis"wrong! it should take me only 10 minutes, to convince the ballotcommission that ignorin g the spellings mistakes in Plato renders the"Atylantis"Myth worthless! But I got a strong Hunch that This Conference-Commission does not want to know of the inglorious"Truth"of"golden"Atlantis sad demise! Sincerely Alexander Muster and co-Author/fostewrfather: Basil VanBemmelen, DELFT
in Greece!

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