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DEAR mr HELGE, THAT's ALL WELL,.... but The trouble with Judaism started with EZDRAS! I have just read "SUZZANE Myth-"link with the "Sir-Glubb.Pasha"book about the violent origin of Muslim faith and I did have already a vague notion, that Mohammed( from the Vedic:"Mahadevi-Shiva.)was a desert-robber changed"Liberator"( like King Hussain of the Hedjaz.!)still i wasa supprized at this authentic
retelling of Mohammed's early life! And most muslims have an abhorrence of "Glubb-Pasha"and thus will not have read his version of the "Birth of Moslim-ism". The Mollah's of Iran that have issued at "Fatwah"against Salman-Rushdie would have done a double "Fattwa"on Glubb-Pasha( if he still was alive!) I think he was originally an honest man:"Amin"or something, than he fell off his Camel, got a brainconcussion/damage and started to see visions of"Allah" strangely enough in cartoons of madhouses you always see "Napoleons with a folded newspaper on his head, or Caesars"but never "Buddahs Christians or Mohammeds. of Herr Hitler, we know that he was a jovial
Corporal during the 1st WW, but after a headwound he started to hate Jews. The writer EZDRAS has invented the TORAH anyway and as "AL-Tabari"has mistranslated the original Quran from muhammad/omar's dialect into modren Arabic, EZDRAS, did the same with the Egyptian/Hebrew archives, thjat he found in the Persepolis/babylonic archives in 400bc. We unfortunately cannot inspect EZDRAS alterations to the invented Torah because Alexander the great had set fire to the original writings ion 331bc! But as I surmized : EZDRAS has partly used the DANAOS-Myth for Genesis-1-3.(as Plato did with the"Atlantis-Story".) The town of ADEN is probably the "Ajodhia"or "Hyria"from the Ramajana/RamJan hindu"Bible". I wonder when, again probably AFTER the Muslim Conquest of South-Arabia, that the Hindu's have forgotten about the South arabic origin of the Ramnjan-Myth! My first contention was that because of the Erth-axis-Tilt the astronomical/geographical placenames in the Ramjan were displaced frrom South Arabia, to north-india by a Astro-Cartographical error now I am uncertain wether it was only Hebrew/Vedic refuges that just renamed existing north-indian placenames with Vedic-south-Arabian ones! ( Just as Hebrew/Jewish exiles in Babylon renamed toens on the Chabur-river with jewish ones.

ABOUT"MOAB" Prophet Ezechiel, or Hezekiel/Hezekaia or whatever this guy's name really was, has resettled some if not all Jewish exiles back into Israerl about 350 bc just 25 years before "Alexander-t-G"was to lay siege to Tyrus & Sidon in 325! This Ezekiel renamed this region of ex-Hyksos(=Punician.) territory with Jewish names and a strange"Mirrored"grid of the Jewish tribes( in difference with the same listed grid by Jusuha! 700 years earlier!)_Thus the"Conventional"
"MOAB"in Jordan, is actually Ethiopia and a "Jordanoc-Jewish"tribe as:"Gilgud"in Perea/Gilead, is today re-traceble,in Somalia as the ancient Jewish tribe of the;"GILGUUDUUD"in the "DHEERE-HEXE"province at the "Waddi-Shabele"river(=Tubal/Cain!.)So all this talk about Jewish 12 or ten Tribes migrants is on insuffiecient and even false EZDRAS-Source! The "Misahna"may be"original"; the TORAH(s)is NOT! Yet knowing the DANAOS-Myth and egyptian (18th)Dynasty-history, wed may safely conclude that"MOZES"was an megalomaniac egyptian Pharaoh, (with a war-wound and the prodigal accompanying braindammage)called:"KA_MOZE" and"take-it-from there! Sincerely, Alexander Muster.
PS in hindsight it seems that all religious reformers had Headwounds or braindammage and the resulting"Headaches and"visions"even St Paul"Saw the light" as he fell off his horse, as a professional Soldier!
Luckily in his case and AKnaten's the brainddammage change of Character, worked both ways from Evil to benevolent! I fell out-of a Taxicap, on my way to the maternity-Hospital and got a"minimal-Braindammage too"and I may be regarded as a religious reformer in retrospect/replay!

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