Re: Even there is a mount named: RaMan in Holy Shi

Dear Mr Munster,

You posted something awesome I can relate to. Ahmose and Kamose and the origins of the Hebrew YHWH and his Devil Opponent. Your suggestion that we finally now have the historical Yahway (Man of War) pinned as none other than Kamose and his little brother Ahmose demonized as the devil in the story. Even Ahmose wore Elephant tusks on a helmet which later symbolized the devil in the myth. Wow Mr Munster, I ma going to give you credit on this one. I am intrigued in this link you've suggested.

According to the Book of Jasher, it was Jethro, father-in-law of Moses who gave Moses the Commandments. This perhaps being Pharaoh Aye giving instruction to Akhenaten.

Linking Kamose into a YHWH Prototype is extremely fascinating. Yes, he does fit the personality profile of Yahway's hostility.

Mr Munster, I would love to hear more on this idea. You said you had the Greek link to this as RA=Ya and Ahway=a moon? Something to that effect?

If you have any more connections on that, I would prize that above all else you've ever posted. Colliding planets and exchanging orbits I cannot relate perceive it possible, but Pharaoh's posing as our inner most sacred deities, I am full open ears to those connections. I am trying to dig concrete evidence just how the YHWH scenerio got started.