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DEAR mr EROL ASYA, You got the Picture!! I could not have said it better Myself! THANK YOU for Your clear understanding of my halfA4
File-attacxhment shortnote! Dr Velikovsky gave the reason "People"survived this Earth=Tilt/Orbit swapping parabolic change, they did not! Some rivervalleys in south America are full of corpses; the indusvalley was shaken on a siltbody of organic methene gasses and asphixiated with corpses in the street, Mommouths in Siberia were engulfed in summertime Etc. only some people made it to the mountains but most people living on the Continental margins and river-deltas did perish as archaeological evidence testifies but most un-covered bodies were fractioned by carrioneating Birds! Dr Velikovsky mentions the overflowing of pleistocene and quarternary lakes, killing and embedding lakedwellers and the "Great-African-Rift system ia not millions of years old for the toplayers at the time of shearing were Quarternary( As was the topsoil on the Hymalayan mountainrange that later formed the sub marine canyon riverfillsiltmountain/cone(=5 kilometers!) of the indian riversystem!
the present Nile flowed into the Great-Syrte, which has thicker layers of the former (Oasis-course-)Nile than the present Nile-outlett All this Earth-shaking and flowing happened in 1075-855 bc. the reason that the Egyptians themselves were not effected is that at the time in 855 the nile and sealevel were 50 meters LOWER than today
only in 853bc,the nilewaters(by the Nilometer at Asuan)reached the higest pointlevel in history, which the greeks named theGreat"Ogygos flood. Dr Vekikovsky names the forgetting of this great"inundation"
or secondary Tsunami, a collective amnesia. Sincerely Yours, A.MUSTER.

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