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Yes the Turks originated with European tribes. Turks are in large part KHAZARS. Khazars descend from any sectors. I believe the Scythians and many tribes contributed to what later became Khazars. Turks even have mongol in them. Turks easily make up some of the genealogies that ruled many parts of the world, incuding Ancient Egypt. Why do you think the world controllers today are all Khazars? The Rockefellers, The Rothschilds, Pope John Paul II, and the list goes on and on.

Since Amenhotep III was most likely Solomon and King Thutmose I & Thutmose III could have played strong King David roles, this disolves any confusion of their relation to eachother. If you ever have a chance to read Books such as FROM THE ASHES OF ANGELS by ANDREW COLLINS. He displays much evidence in Turkey where ANGEL SHAMANS lived that could have been the original ancestors of the divine Gods, Djinn and so many other myths we take for granted. Solomon, Turkey is home to many things the Western World has taken as grand.

The Biblical Isaac also plays a strong lead to have been Thutmose III. Thank Goodness we have folks such as Charles Pope and Ahmed Osman to keep all these genelogies straightened out.

The 12 Sons of Jacob can easily be connected to the 12 Titan sons of Uranus or the 12 Gods of Olympus. 12 is a strong number used in assigning astrological magic into the longevity of geneological myth. We may be reading spall-cating right before our eyes. This was an invocational charm to use numerlogy and astrology into mythology.


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