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DEAR mr"SOLOMON"The only person in history naming himself RAMA or Ra-Amen/Amon and NOT "Son-of-Ra", was Pharahoh KA-MOSE, a "megalomaniac"
General with probably a braindammage like Herr Hitler! General Ka-Mose, lived in the early 18th Dyn. about 1085-1050.bc. He tried to kill his brother and sister and had a dislike for Hyksos-Amalakites.!
He started a new religion with him as a "GOD" : YAHWEH, which is pure greek for: YA>=RA, AHWEH>=AMooN. His opponent had a GOD also which was
an Elephant God called Poseidon/Seth who lived in Paradise(=Atlantis)
"DARLHANNA"JANATU or Hindu:"GAND-HAMA-DANA"! Later on he demonised his innocent brother into the Serpent/Satan and his abode became HADES
the elephant Tusks that His brother AMOSE wore on his ceremonial-Golden Helmet became the Goat's horns of the Devil. subsequently Ka-Mose and his successor went Elephant-hunting in South-Arabia uintil all white-Elephants became extinct! as they were made "TABOO/Tembo"
and regarded as:"Evil-Spirits" in the Bilble they are called:"Nephillim in Raphiddim"SEE ALSO: Biblebook: Genesis 3-14 and ENOCH 7. Sincerely A.MUSTER In Fa\irytales "Mountains"are ften called Giants-that are sleeping So "Father-Mountain"or Jabal/Djebel"Abu-Hassan"! The highest MountainPeak in India/Hymalaya
is"Anna-Purna"( not Everest, Ana-Purna is the egyptian princess: Amose Nefefrti-Mderi-Amun, also known in india als: Chamuda the white- Elephant-Goddess.