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DEAR SIR, sorry to have kept You waiting, and thanks in advance for your intrest! The word Ramon/Raimon, Ramona etc is a popular name!
The Assyrian Godofr Storms is HADDAD-RIMMON! or just plain"Haddad"
"Haddad"means Lord-of-Athe which is Atlantis. In Hindu religion, "bRahman"is the higest God as "Trimurti"he has 3, sometimes 4 Faces. AMUN is a (RAIN-)stormgod his temples are mostly surrounded by lakes and Oasis-islands ( E.g.Oasis"SHIVA-Temple"near Lybia(Desert)
The god AMUN/AMON, AMEN(ti) has one eye and is equated with the Greek Jupiter/Deus-Pater/ Dayaus-Pitar or "Zeus" but actually his original name was POSEIDON (As God of [gentle-]Rains) It is my contention that Our Planet EARTH orbited Jupiter?Ra-Amun, untill 855 bc sonthat all life dinosaurs and men evoluated under the EYE-of-RA-Amun. apassiong Comet "Venus"or"DIONE"has pulled Earth outof the Jupiter-Orbit into the Sun-Orbit with the Ice-ages as result. The egyptian BOOK-of-DEAD describing the journey through: AMENTI/ Field-of-Reedss may just be an account of the revoving surface of Planet Jupiter. ( Sorry that I did not answer you Question properly, but since the Moslim Faith is just an early ( incomplete-) Copy of the Bible, I expect little New thigs or thoughts from it, a german scholar "Luxeburg"has allready found out recently that the Muslim Heavens are NOT populated with Hourries Celestial Maidens , but with White-Grapes(=Hurris)in a Arabian dialect that the translator AL_TABARI mis-translated into "Maidens"onsted of "Wine-Grapes"but he did so on purpose because in his days( &00ad Muslims were not(yet) premitted to use alchohol as a drink but sure as a foodpreservant in Fruit-Yellies! SINCERELY yours, A.MUSTER, Delft Holland. PS the other day I had a discussion with an IMAM, in Delft/Rotterdam, about ATLANTIS, that mythical island supposedly sunk in the Atlantic Ocean, but actually situated in South-Arabia, and he gave me hs private "mailto: Address. but when I sent my email-attachment later-on the Postman reported a delivery faillure. Can You if you know the Arabic placenames, suggest what letter I may have wrongly understood, maybe you can see at a glance what Cypher/Digit I may have misplaced, or can You contact this Email-Address from Your end, to see if it Connects to your server? I may have a bad connection here, My GUESS is that it is only a temporary-Connection, for in contrary to other Providers, "HOTMAIL"shuts-off a new account if it is not frequented by a quota, that poor Imam must have little visitors!!! Bye for now!
Here is that email-Address. PS don't forget to press "Shift"if you use the word: "I" (not:"i".!)

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