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It is not that I do or don't believe and trust this Judaic lineage into other nations. There is a connection. I just do not believe there was ever a literal 12 tribes and that the Jews more more likely Indo-Europeans all along. The Hyksos Kings were Indo-European, The Philistines were European and many of the rival tribes of the Jews were European. The Levites descended from a European sub-class called The LUTVIANS. If you observe even the Old Testament said Abraham came from a Hittite Family. Hittites we know were Ancient Tribal Germans who eagerly invaded the other European Tribes as well as The Middle East.

The term Semite cannot be taken as literal, even though it is a commonly used serious ethnic term. Jews often use this as only to themselves, but this would be in error because Arabs are considered Semites too. Funny how the term Anti-Semitism is misused and accused in a distorted fashion.

King David was half Moabite because his Mother was a Moabite. King Solomon was half Hittite.

So Hilge, I do not see Jews infiltrating into European and other tribal descents only. I see the original face of Ancient Jews as another European phenomena that affected many areas of the world. There is a constant mixing of tribes that happened. We should also be asking as often....where did the 12 tribes really come from?! This is why I believe the existence of Jews flows from Mythology, just as The Hellenists descended from their mythical Helen of Troy or how Romans say they literally descend from Jupiter or Venus. When Myths turn into geneology, what are we really telling ourselves? Mythology is reality itself. Evolution is another example of such mythologies which generate identity. Interventionism (idea we were created by aliens or an otherworldy higher intelligence intervening within the natural order of things) is another Mythology.

We all carry mythologies to mark our idenities. Mythology doesn't mean fact vs fiction, fact or fiction. It is really the language of the heart.

Hilge, my perspective is how come the Western World is so busy trying to fit into a Jewish Perspective? It seems the conquered Jews have conquered the Gentile Conquerers. The crafty plot is how Jews have gotten themselves into the spotlight on everything religious political and legendary. Maybe because the Jews were great story tellers themselves.

I see Jewish Legends as legends. I am very careful as to not take too seriously the geneology factor overwelmingly into Jewish identity territory.

So does Horite and Hyksos Bloodlines run within the British Elite circles? Why of course. The Legends in the Bible is a whole can of worms to open. The Scythians play a huge mysterious role in their effects upon The Jews and other peoples.

I believe the The Scythians inspired and carried on legacies of the Werewolf, Vampires, The Horsemen of Revelation and even images such as Zombies.

A funny thing about Anthropology is how much of our selves can we really find in the Ancients. Many values and beliefs we take for granted were carefully imbedded into us by the ancients.

Jewish Identity is equal to European Idenity. Jews did spread to many cultures, but so did the Khazars and Hyksos. Could these be all the same peoples? I think so. Jewish Tribes were one of their mythical sides that stuck. 12 is a number associated with Astrology and legends are often told with astrological connotations.


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