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I do not see Christianity as a Jewish initiation. I see it as a form of combined Gnostic/Hellenistic Culture wishing to cave in the Jewish identity. After all, thats what Christianity did for almost 2,000 years. I believe Jewish intellectuals and Jewish rebels were becoming too much of a threat to The Romans. The Jews were very organized and skilled. The Roman intellectuals and Aristocrats felt it worthwhile to spend more time subjugating the Jews. Gnosticism and Paganism were perfect ways to crash in and conquer the Jews and their idenity. This is why I believe a NEW TESTAMENT was created (By The Gnostic Marcion? Code name used Arius Piso and his Father Lucius Piso who authored the UR MARCUS Text before 65 A.D. Suicide under Nero). It was in order to devalue the Torah. In response, the Jews (Khazars?) created the Kabbalah to absorb these various Gnostic mystical elements. The Islamic Moors (Khazars?) may have influenced this Kabbalah injection into Judaism. This way even as Judiasm could be compared to Gnosis ideadlogy, a great spiritual and intellectual persuit awaited the mystic by steering back to Jewish thought. Therefore The Kabbalah is Judaism trying on a Gnostic outfit for the sake of survival and renewal of Jewish thought. Rabbinic Literature developed as an intellectual comfort during hard times for Jews, because some tough questions needed to be answered for the justification of Jewish beliefs and traditions. Before the A.D. Era, Judaism was quite different. Even the term Rabbi is less than 2,000 years old.

Jewish intellectuals today cannot deny (though they try) about pagan influence even upon their Pre-Hellenic Judiasm. Nothing in the Torah is original except in marginal details. Generally, everything is the same. There is nothing within Christianty, Islam or Judaism that wasn't already Pagan first. This is the good hint we are given to pave way for wonderful Scholarship which can make the case for what forces influenced the making of these Religions.

Zacharia Sitchin and people of that publishing paradigm I believe are part of a grave error too. The reason being is the UFO/ New Age phenomena has its origins in agenda's that go back more than a Century of Secret Societies. Read a Book called the title of THE STARGATE CONSPIRACY, by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince. The New Age is not as it seems. Various Intelligence Communities may be involved in these various paradigms to test yet another mind-control upon the masses. Secret Societies create Religions for their own glory and they are not quite finished in manufacturaing new belief systems to intrigue back into their control. I have first account knowledge of this. This is why I propose what I am saying.

I do not believe there is a Jewish Conspiracy though there could be a Khazarian one. The Jews by British Law are owned by The Saxons-British Empire. The U.C.C. is Talmudic Law. The Vatican owns the British Empire, The IMF, The U.N. etc, etc. The United States is a Corporation also owned by the Vatican and is under the chain of command of the British Empire. The Rothschilds are the Bankers of The Vatican. The Rothschilds helped and assisted the Federal Reserve to be born. Federal Reserve Notes are Bankrupt I.O.U. Notes for Gold that will never be paid to you. This was a form of U.S. Corporate surrender to the Elites in Britain of THE TEMPLE CROWN. Lawyers are esquires of the British Court/ Ask yourself why they are under The BAR System. Ask yourself what does BAR stand for?

Did you know A Constitution is a Bankruptsy Charter?
The U.S. Federal Reserve Notes today are losing their value worldwide due to this scame now having to pay the piper. Yes Uncle Sam was cooking the Books. We've been spending money that never existed. This was why we have a National Trade Deficit that won't go away and is getting larger and larger every minute, every day. Bankrupsy, Graduated Income Tax and Central Banking are forms of control. It was also part of the Marxist Manifesto. Karl Marx was employed by J.P. Morgan. Communism is a hoax perpetuated secretly by elites. It was an invisible way to take everyones property from them. This is the same control as Pharaoh's and Kings had.

When we began to uncover things such as this, there seems to arise a usual pattern going on for thousands of years. Myths carry the drama of our controllers. These controllers often fight amongst themselves as they take turns controlling our Fate. Read the Sumerian, Christian and other myths all around the world. This is the fundamental root theme in every story. Divine beiings competing for our devotion and their ownership of us. The Rockefellers believe themselves to be The Gods of Christianity. The Rothschilds are modern Pharaohs over the Jews, as they believe themselves to be Th Elohim of Israel. Why do you think The Rothschilds financed the founding of Israel in 1948?

I hope you get my picture. These things I post before you should not be interpreted as some wild conspiracy theory. Nothing is happening different today than what was happening 4,000 years ago. Abraham, Thutmose II, etc etc were the movers and shakers of their day just as we have those kinds of people moving and shaking today. These same kinds of myth tellers control media, banking and the worlds resources. It is likely that such controllers today believe they carry the divine right to do what their ancestors did. Control Mankind and carry on the Legacy of the Royal God-Families or Grandchildrens of the Gods.


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