Mystical vs Factual Religions *LINK*
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It's bad enough trying to sort out what is mystical and what is factual, but when one enters the discussion with a religious belief firmly embedded, one tends to translate all knowledge in terms of a narrow religious doctrine. I don't care if that religion is of the Jews, the Muslims, or the Catholics...we "see" the world and MAKE the world fit our beliefs.Rarely do we adjust our "religious" beliefs to the realities of the world.
I cannot (and will not) bring Mohammed into this, nor denial or defense of the Quran because it has NO place in scientific discussions, especially here where I thought the discussions and the subject were comparitive Egyptian king lists.. Nor would I bring Catholic beliefs here and demand they prove science. To get into discussions about Quran and Mohammed is fruitless and have no place here (In my humble opinion)simply because there is nothing to link Mohammed to Pharonic king lists....yet we have already seen that Charles Pope (and others) made attempts to find links between Biblical patriarchs and Pharaohs.....the Pharonic legacy was over by the time Mohammed arrived on the world scene (presuming he existed)....
There is no grave for Mohammed. There are alleged graves for Moses, Aaron, Mother Mary, and Jesus somewhere in the Himalayas, complete with evidence (such as in Scotland) linking them directly with pharonic lines in Egypt...All I ever asked for was the science to prove or disprove these sites....
Regarding the fact that much of what was recorded about Jesus began circa 50AD, you are all presuming that was AFTER he died on the cross. But if he didn't die on the cross, if he lived another sixty or seventy years, then indeed there was much written about him during his lifetime!

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