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I am still a Skeptic on the real existance of Mohammed the Prophet. What outside the Koran can we say referenced an existence of The Prophet Mohammed in the 7th Century A.D. causing all that supposed activity? I believe the Vatican created Islam (Gnostic alternative?) as a punishment to the Arab people for not accepting Catholicism. Saint Augustine may have played a role in this. As for a Mohammed, what arab or other source referenced Mohammed as a contemporary. The only sources that reference Mohammed are more around a Century and a Half after the supposed events. The same problem applies to the Gospels. When one waits that long to write Holy activities, then that tells me a bigger cover-up or covert activity is going on that hides itself in the Religious movement itself. I have been studying this phenomena and issue many years.

What can we produce beyond blind faith Mohammed ever existed in the 7th Century A.D.?

My challenge to Suzanne is how she came to the conclusion Jews started half our Ancient History? Jews were not a substantial identity before the 7th or 8th Century B.C.. Their history is unreliable before even the 4th Century B.C. due to their own editing and purging of their own texts and history about where they came from and just exactly what it was they worshipped.

The more one goes back to find the history of the Jews, the more one finds how much they were part of the Indo-European Movements in Egypt, The Middle East and other areas. Even the Levites descend from an Ancient European Tribe called the Lutvians.

The Old Testament is an accumilation of Mythology. It is impossible for it to be taken literally and factual. One reason why is the Talmud even majorly disagrees with many points the Old Testament says. Also, not all Rabbi's agree on their own history. Rabbinic Judiasm in the Talmud is an accumilation of expert and spiritual opinions by the greatest minds within the Religious movements of Judaism, Nost of the world is not aware just how diverse and disagreed Rabbi's are about various issues of the Torah and legends here and there.

Then there is the suppressed Books of the Old Testament that if they were all read and known, would paint a different picture about God and their mythical history. One of those suppressed Books is called THE BOOK OF JASHER.


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