Mary and Jesus wed? *LINK*
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I am sorry to confuse you. There has been a lot written especially in Europe and America about the possible marraige of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Everyone is scrambling to discover more and more records. The records I have about my family came from two sources, a museum near New York, and several scholars from Great Britain. Further, when I lived in Kashmir, I met families there who also claimed the same great grandfather and I am not alone. There are perhaps millions of their decendents on the earth today...yes, you could possibly be one...we need the DNA research to be completed. Then that DNA can be printed out somewhat like a modern bar code...and almost anyone can easily check to see if they once had a common link..
Among my Muslim friends, I have some women who can still trace their lines back to the prophet Mohammed, as you must well a mosque in Kashmir (and other mosques around the world) there is a hair said to be from the prophet's beard. It is held in high regard. It is also a source of modern DNA testing to prove or disprove the theories. Should we do this? Well, the circumstances about the Prophet's life and death are accepted. We feel we know the truth about his life, his wives, his grandchildren, his death. So there would be no need to "prove" anything with his DNA.
However, with Hazrat Issa, we have a very different past. Some say he never existed at all! Some say he was killed on the cross that day, and rose to Heaven. Most Muslims believe he was substituted with someone else. No Christians believe he survived and married and had children. Even few Muslims believe that!
And yet here we also have all this new evidence piling up that says "Hey! You all got it wrong, and here is the real truth!"
If we are searching for the source of religions, if we are searching for our very souls, then we need to have a fair chance: we need to know what is right and what is truth. After all, we're betting our eternities on making the right guesses!
So I believe the science is just as important when applied to Jesus and Mary Magdalene, as any pharaoh-king-mummy in Egypt....and they get subjected to such testing constantly! What are your feelings about all this?