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Hello Charles,
I can't recall when last we spoke. I think I was in Bangkok, having recently left Pakistan and Kashmir..almost 2 years ago?
I came away with a very different perspective on origins and meanings of all religions and ancient knowledge..unconventional and definately not mainstream...but I'm taking the flak and sticking with my conclusions hoping time will vindicate me.
Basically, I found this ancient knowledge did pervade all cultures and religions, and asking how it got there and by whom was also relatively easy to trace...charts like yours were invaluable to me and helped prove a point...there is another book, The Rajatarangini, or 'River of Kings' by Kalhana which publishes another King List, one for Kashmir....and I hope one day myself (or you?) will obtain that book and slide those kings right next to the kings and pharaohs in your charts, for I believe they are the same. It has never yet been done, and is animportant reasearch tool for the world.
To give you an example onf one of the oustanding links I discovered: The Buddha has a geneology of two grandparents being Pandavas. The Pandavas are the famous warring cousins of the Mahabarata epics. One of the Pandavas was Yudhithistra...the word 'yahud' always means 'Jew" and in this case, only those descended from Yudhithistra were considered to rule Kashmir (which was huge at the time and encompessed into China and the Himalayas where author Charles Allen travelled in Search of this Yuhidthistra King David? Were the Buddha and Jesus connected through King David? I believe yes, this is exactly what happened. They were of the same family. The first stautes and depictions from Taxila and the Kabul Museum (before Taliban) showed a fair European looking Buddha! It needs to be sorted out...
The names for Noah..I think I'm up to almost a dozen now. He is the first we know of to have the title Zarathustra-Zia Sudra-which is the basis for the origin of the Hebrew faith...the source for all the ancient knowledge (star based and otherwise) that permeates all societies...they all flow back to the big bang of religious sources...
Abraham was known to the Brahmins and in fact their name may well have been derived from his ...Gene Matlock offerd us such connections as "Ab-Ram" meaning father of the people, et cetera...then Gene saw Hindus and sanskrit everywhere in America...I differed with him on this because he failed to inlcude the fact that sanskrit was based on Hebrew and not the other way 'round!
BNow we have authors like Barry Dunford showing us the strong Druid-Celtic connections to Egypt, Herod, Pilate, and of course Jesus...
It seems where ever we go there is no denying there existed an ancient common well they all drew from..
I found that Enoch was known in China to laoTze, whose writings seem to have drawn upon Enoch....
In my mind it all centers around the oldest first location for the place of great learning, the now abandoned and desolate lands of the Himalayas...and not by a Mongolian-Mgul race, but Kurgan-Tocharians...Noah's grave represents that culture, same as found all across Asia..
Many cultures were lost and many cities sunken as the last ice age melted,....satelite pictures have revealed a sunken land bridge that once connected SriLanka with India.A greta city can be seen once built there. On Sri Lanka are 8,000 year old 'yantras' or Star of David carved into the rocks near Adam's Peak. A Farsi history called "The Akbar-Nama of Abu-l-Fazl" mentions how Noah brought on board the Ark the graves of his grandparents Adam and Eve and reburied them side by side after the flood...the links between India and Hebrews are strong...but I don't believe for one moment that all Hebrews were "Indians"...their phsical features reveal a different people altogether than modern Asians!
It's all fascinating and we have a long way to go...enquiring minds as yourself have a busy future ahaead sorting all this lot out!

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