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Well, for one thing, if Jesus ever lived in his own 1st Century times, how come no contemporary ever met him or saw him at a distance and wrote down about his influence. In fact, Christians Scholars say it was St Paul who in the 50's A.D. began to write the first Gospel texts. He never met Jesus in the flesh and saw him only in a blinding vision. Other NT litertaure was not written later. Then there is the liberal Scholar view that it was not until the 2nd Century Gnostic named MARCION who began to accumilate a text called THE NEW TESTAMENT and named it such to gain an organized body of teaching of myths. Marcion never met Jesus either. Philo of Alexandria who often went to Israel during the time Jesus was suppose to have lived and never heard of a Jesus.

Suzanna, Jesus was never mentioned by anyone LIVE, but only many years after his so-called existence. The same perplexing problem applies to Mohammed, Buddha and other so-called saviors or prophets.

Suzanna, what I am saying is the history doesn't back up the idea of tangable people like that. Someone was there to begin the stories, but the way the stories are handed down cannot possibly be taken literally.


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