West Greets East

Hi Suzanna,

So good to hear from you! After our last emails I wasn't sure if you would ever be heard from again. You must have much news from your adventures in Asia.

I will be publishing a paper on the family of Herod in the near future - probably this spring sometime. First I need to post a review of the material needed to understand Herod. This king Herod was a rather remarkable figure. It seems his ambitious and ability was nearly limited. We know for certain that he had influence among the Jewry of Babylon. He and his immediate family sent out "missionaries" throughout the Roman and beyond to Britain in the west and India to the east. It is absolutely incredible that the small Herodian family found the resources to pursue this dream of a world empire that was to rival and even excell that of Rome.

Their zeal for the east is especially intriguing. We spoke of the influence of Abram (Brahma) in India. Perhaphs the evangelism of Abram and later of Jesus was an instinctive desire for Near Eastern culture to return to its roots in the far East. A interesting new theory that Sumerian culture came from Asia has just recently been published by geologist Robert Schoch. Here is a link to a review that I did of the book:

Here is another review of the book:


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