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Hello Solomon...I cry for happy and extend hands in research, then my instincts told me it was all about the Zoroastrians and Hebrews (one and the same really)...The enitire Bible is an accounting on one family, one tribe for all the milleniums to bring messages from God to man...Abraham appeared in India with his wife, Sarah (Sarasvati) but the Brahmins rejected his teachings in favor of the Vedic Puranas...Enoch was known even in China and was a source for LaoTze, The Buddha, and Jesus...Krishna was merely Jesus in Sanskrit..
The grave for Noah in Tanda(now Pakistan) and all the Biblical graves and associations in Kashmir and northern India...all speak of a race, a family of teachers moving among men, spreading the same messages everywhere..
The word semantic, which has erroneously been interpreted to mean people of "Arabic" completely wrong..the word comes from the sanskrit, smriti/smerdis which means teachers (uriahs). All the Buddhas before Sidhartha bore that title too...
The magi and the Celtic Druids were simply the same functionaries, one branch in the east and one in the west.Otherwise, the teachings and intermarraiges and connections remain the same..
And there is one final problem which even though is sensitive, is necessary to understanding hisotry..that is the "race" of the first iriahs, teachers.
Time and again I found reference to their white hair...a genetic marker? or a genetic error? Either way it fuigures prominently in understanding the Armana period mummies and the strange graves in the Himalayas...and the mention in all lands and across all helps explain why in Taxila and the Kabul Museum the earliest Buddhas were actually pale blonds and so was Jesus (and Moses and Srah; Adam and David were a tad more "ruddy" and red-haired, but still distinctly not Asian or African..
Whew! Nuff said... thanks again for kind words of support.I don't have all the answers. I look to others to help piece it all together..much exciting remains yet to be discovered.

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