Re: Krishna And Christnawhich came first?


I believe The Christan Jesus and the Hindu Krishna have a common root in Egypt and the Middle East. King Tut and and maybe King Cyrus (Akhenaten?) play a crucial role in displaying the origins of this Myth. Krishna is clearly over 1,000 years older than the Christian myth. Both evolve from the exploits of Pharaoh's such as King Tut as expeditions into the Middle East and the edges of India. Kings traveled further than History dares to cover. Perhaps the scribes of the times didn't give enough data as how mobile royals of Egypt could be.

I also believe Buddha is a borrowed form of the Greek Hermes. The Mother of Buddha was Maya and the Mother of Hermes was Maia. Buddhist texts even show this correlation as one and the same spirit. Hermes in turn seems to have a travelers archetype as if he bears a message from the Gods (From Egypt?) The Greeks admitted their Hermes was a form of the Egyptian Thoth. Enki-Ea and Thoth are the key historical figures that gave rise to other archetypical messengers of knowledge. These were probably Shamans who influenced the foundations of Culture.


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