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Hello Ozzie,
The similarities can best be understood by following the progression of the evolution of the will find that it was Christianity which influenced the Krishna stories, not the other way 'round...Christianity was once a huge and powerful force in India... Thomas wrote of a time when the jealous Brahmin priests wanted to poison Thomas' version, Jesus found out abouut the plot, prepared himself, drank the poison, and to the astonishment of the Priests..he survived. Now we see Krishna with 'blue skin' to recall the time he too drank poison to save the world..
Another reason for the close relationship is because the Hebrews did indeed have a strong presence in India for thousands of years...
so I spent a fair amount of time there try8ing to determine who was influencing whom...I found even the Buddha has Hebrew grandparents and was teaching a philosphy to counter the effect of the Vedic Brahmins. The Buddha was closer in spirit to Zoroastrian-Hebrewism than he ever was to Vedic Brahmans..