Adam and Eve out of Egypt

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I believe the Garden Eden myth in The Jewish legend is based on a dual scenerio. Moses (Akhenaten) borrowed from Sumerian Myths to make his patterned story apply to his own dilemma. The Talmud says Adam had a 2nd wife named Eve. Well, Akhenaten had a 2nd wife named KIYA or KHIYA which means 'Life'. This wife could have been Akhenaten's favorite wife and the one he loved. Nefertiti being (the future Mary Magdalene archatype & the re-make of the old Sumerian archetype Lilith) a harlot could have been the The New Sumerian Lilith in the Genesis story who slept around with other royals and rivals of Akhenaten. The Talmud states that Lilith and Adam became seperated and Lilith went on to go have relations with Satan.

Akhenaten could have pictured himself as Adam kicked out of his Gardens of Amarna. Akhehaten (Adam) and Kiya (Eve), had to move on from their luxurious lifestyle into a harder lifestyle. No longer living like would-be-immortals. They were "The First Couple". This term didn't necessarily indicate a chronology, but rather a disignated position within society, like the example of the American President's wife always called THE FIRST LADY. Maybe even for a time Nefertiti followed along with Akhenaten for the sake of royal career survival until the end.

So, if the Garden of Eden in merely the Biblical scenerio was located at Amarna, then how did the nakedness in the garden come about? Akhenaten and Nefertiti were use to barely wearing anything and even being as close to nakedness as possible. Their usual nakedness may have been accepted in their own Royal Courts of Amerna, but were unacceptable in rural towns or villages outside Amarna.

Adam's name translates as RED MAN. This could be a reference to THE RED CROWN of lower Egypt which was the traditional base of the Hyksos Kings. The term Adam may confirm the parallel that Akhenatens Dynasty was from the Delta Region.

Eve's Hebrew named was Khavah. This is why Nefertiti doesn't fit the entire feel she could have been entirely Eve, but Akhenatens 2nd wife Kiya fits closer.

The Bible states that the New land for Moses to find would be ISRAEL. The historian Manetho said that their initial destination was AVARIS a.k.a. Pi Ramesse., in the Nile Delta, then onto Jerusalem. The key here is the the original name of Jerusalem was JEBUS. This may refer to TCHEBET, which is a name for TANIS in the Nile Delta. This would mean that the Biblical ZION (Jerusalem) could have been the Biblical ZOAN (or TANIS). It may be possible that the modern Zionists of Israel could've established their homeland in the wrong location and Israel may belongs to Palestinians (Philistines?) after all. Myth becomes history indeed. It could also be true that The KNIGHTS TEMPLAR were looking in the wrong location and the secrets they seeked could have originally been under the Temple at Tanis (Egyptian: Hetkar Ptah).

I am still stumped why the four rivers flow from the Garden of Eden, unless you can re-link this to mean four branches of the Nile Delta during Akhenatens time. How this all adds up is Akhenaten borrowed from Sumerian Geography and Legends to make his own case or someone later than Akhenaten is helping in a grand cover-up.

Now if Akhenaten was the Adam of the pre-edited Genesis account, then who could have been the serpent in this Egyptian tale? Set, Aton or Apophis? Maybe even an enemy of Akhenaten such as King Tut? The Bible stated that just as the serpent rose in the Desert, so must the Son of Man rise (King Tut fulfills as Messiah to bring back Polytheism). Then it turns out that Akhenaten may have been the Satan (mouthpiece of Aton) in the desert who tried to tempt King Tut (Jesus) to follow after him and abolish the old gods of Egypt.


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