A New King List to Work With *LINK*

This is my first post here...although I am an avid fan of Charles Pope and used one of his charts (with permission) in my book...there is a book ...a king list of kashmir known as the Rajatrangini, or 'River of Kings' Basically it seems to provide the same chronology as the Egyptian and Biblical chronologies..the fun is these names are in Sanskrit...the entire focus of my research was to understand , and prove the strong links between Biblical patriarchs and Kashmir...there is a tomb in Kashmir, Roza Bal, that has been the focus of my study..Jesus is said to have gone there eventualy and died there...but no where in India or Kashmir can the name Jesus be found. That seems odd, unless he was known as one of the the three king names that appreared around that era...Sandhimatti, Megavahana, or Prava Rasena...I'm betting Jesus was both ShrestaRasena and Prava Rasena..(Prava-first or best) (Rasena-light)....the fact you mentioned in one of the posts here that kings changed their names after each change of status enforces the possibilities Jesus accpeted several coronations..Gardner mentioned one that occured circa 45 AD when Jeus and John Mark left for Central Asia....the supposed name of the man in the tomb is Yoz Asaph, which I conclude means (son) of Joseph..
Would anyone of you be interested in these topics, I'd be delighted to seek help here, and offer answers where I can.
Thank You.

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