Re: Elysian Fields in Turkey, BUT, originally in A

Dear Mr Muster,

I posted the connection of the name Elysian Field with the worship of the Goddess ALYS and her territories of worship before and during the Indo-European Invaders settled in. There territories expanded from Asia Minor so areas of Europe that extended to even France. Place names still bear the root words of this evidence. Rbert Graves specifically points this out as well in his book THE WHITE GODDESS. It would be the Goddess ALYS and not Poseidon as the deity associated with such a territory. This agans one more reason why Eden and Atlantis could not possiby be the same thing. Archetypically they feel similar, but not the same. Also, one must bear in Mind, Poseidon was not in charge of The Elysian Fields in Greek Mythology. It was Hades and Persephone. This is further cross reference that the Greeks did not consider Atlantis and The Elysian Fields the same. Also, can one really say Adam and Eve were kicked out of Eden (An underworld of Hades?)? Surely not. Your Eli-Sion I do not believe makes anthropological or archaeological sense as all these perspectives pile up. If you also notice, when the Greek Gods were said to create man, they did not make the first man and women live in Atlantis. Poseidon was not included in Mans creation according to the myths either. Zeus and Hephaestus were the only Gods referenced to have anything to do with man and his Greek myth story telling origins. Thats why Eden and Atlantis are not necessarily alter-ego paradise locations. You also content SION as equated to Eli-"sian". That makes no sense because that is an end word similar to Asian, Galatians, Parthians, The Ionians, etc etc. You can just use that type of logic to create a connect that's not there because of the end of a wording used in many cultural examples.