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I have still not seen the evidence that Atlantis was Eden or that the Elysian Fields was Eden or Atlantis. Eden was located in Southern Iraq. Atlantis as only 900 years before Plato? How do we know that? Plato could have written Atlantis as perhaps a political prophecy of the fall of the Greek Empire and/or literally 9,000 years before his time. Read Andrew Collins FROM THE ASHES OF ANGELS, to see how easy it was for a semi-advanced culture that was using Copper even as early as 9,000 B.C. in the Middle East and Anatolia. This culture could have easily fit as the Advanced culture Atlantis was thought as. Atlantis may be a collective story and not necessarily a single unit culture. RA of Egypt was pictured riding a boat. Ra could have been a Pre-civilized culture bearer that had navigational skills. There could have been a trade route many thousands of years ago between Latin America, Africa and The Mediterranian. Certain statues in Latin America hint other ethic groups may have landed their shores thousands of years ago before Columbus. If we take Plato at face value or symbolic, he could have a grounded truth either way. Plato knew his math and so did the ancients. After all, did they not invent and have calenders and document the seasons? (Hope you know that wasn't a question) Yes of course they did. Plato lived in a time where he knew and wrote time accurately.

As for how Time was off in measurement in the Exodus or the Bible? Well Akhenaten's culture had established a base out in the desert and this Egyptian Moses stayed out as long as the Biblical Moses did. Methusaleh being 900 years may sound far fetched, but living to be 120 seemed far fetched to average folks around the late 1800's. The war of the Titans vs the Gods of Ancient Greeks were said to last 10 years. That is not far fetched when you consider the Indo-Europeans invaded Ancient Greece in succession waves from the Acheans and then the Dorians.

Since mainstream studies have not figured out how much longetivity the body can accomplished, I seriously doubt anyone mortal is equipted to discount the possible limits of the body. That was why I brought up the subject of alchemy those few months ago. Plato being off by a digit is a theory conjecture by some. This is not a fact that Plato was in error, just a theory he was in error in order to fit history into a timeline not yet understood by Historical Scholars.

By the way, I am practicing this alchemy as we speak.


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