Ahmed Osman and Essenes
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In his last book "Out of Egypt", Ahmed had some excellent insights into the Essenes. At the moment, I'm in the process of revisiting the New Testament world myself. My conclusion however is that Jesus was not an Essene, but a member of the family of Herod the Great. (See my recent essay on Mary Magdalene at

As a Herodian, Jesus would have certainly wanted to gain the support of all Jewish sects and to fulfill as best possible their ideas of what the Messiah was to be. But the various code names used by the Essenes in their hierarchy of priests would not necessarily apply to Jesus. (These were popularized by the research of Barbara Thiering.)

With the help of Oscar Calle Mesa, the identification of Jesus and the disciples within the family of Herod the Great has been accomplished. The key to doing so was recognizing that Herod the Great himself assumed the typecasting of Solomon, and thereafter ordered his family in such a way as to fulfill the roles of the Biblical figures that follow Solomon in the Kings/Chronicles narrative. Among those characters are Rehoboam, Elijah and Elisha.

Herod was not confined to Jerusalem when researching the world of his role model Solomon. He would have consulted clerics in the know at Alexandria of Egypt, in Babylon, and many other places where he had influence. In this way, he gathered an understanding of Messianic prophesy that excelled and confounded those considered wise among the Jerusalem priesthood.


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