Akhenaten and the Achaemenids

Hi Ozzie,

We are quite familiar with R.E. Brammer. He's quite the archaeological rough-rider and ram-rodder, which inspired me to dub him el-REB. This was a nickname he apparently adopted with relish, and he was a regular poster here at D.O.M. for awhile. He was often too rambunctious for me to handle. Still I do credit him not only for the enthusiasm but getting me to consider that Amenhotep-son-of-Hapu and Vizier Amenhotep might be the same individual.

Also, el-REB's hunch that the Achaemenids, that is, the kings of Persia might be related or derived from Akhenaten turned out to be correct. (See the thread he started here called "Chronological Discrepancy" on 01 SEP 2002.) In my model, the founder of the Persian dynasty, Achaemenes, is revealed as Akhenamun Ramses XIII (a.k.a. Amen/Seth-hirkopshef), who considered himself something of an incarnation of Akhenaten. This is discussed in Part III of the on-line book.

I have not been to his web site in at least a year, so can't comment on his (new?) construction of ancient history. From what you have posted it is obviously quite different than mine but at least as radical.