Astrocomical Dating

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The conclusion reached here is that Thebes of Egypt was not sacked on three widely separated ocassions by Assyria, Babylon, and then Persian, but only once. The superposition of the three "conquests" is shown is the following chart:

In the model presented here, Cambyses and Nebuchadrezzar II (Persian Bardiya) were contemporaries and rivals. In fact, it was Cambyses who brought the reign of Nebuchadrezzar to an end.

I have generally disregarded astronomical dating in my own chronology work, perferring to establish time relationships through textual means instead. I DO think that astronimical records are significant, however they have in the past been misinterpreted and led researchers into a false sense of security. Also, there is reason to believe that retrocalculation of lunar eclipses is not possible due to meteorite strikes. See previous discussion on this topic on this forum.