In the dynastic period, the status of Re was raised artificially. He became honored as the supreme god or sometimes simply referred to as "God", as if other gods had not existed. (This is discussed more fully in Chapter 6.)

The compositing of Re with Atum (as Atum-Re) is an example of how Re was later given the attributes of Atum. In most "genealogies" of the gods, Re is listed as the father of Shu, however this literally was not the case. It is only by comparing the mythologies of Mesopotamia, Greece, and other locales that the actual family relationships can be determined with some certainty. By doing so, it can be concluded that Re and his father Ptah were in fact initially the subordinates of Shu within the pantheon.

The brothers Shu and Ptah were the grandsons of Atum (Biblical Adam). Their father was prominent in Mesopotamian and Greek legends where he is is called Anu and Uranus, respectively. However, in Egypt this god is almost non-existent. He is perhaps only known by a city that may have been named after him, that being, On (Greek Heliopolis).

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