Beginnings (Egyptian creation myth)

Hi Mr. Pope,

I have been reading Living in Truth, needless to say it's very interesting.
I also had started to read a book from Charles Freeman Egypt, Greece and Rome civilizations of ancient Mediterranean. In one chapter where he discusses the Egyptian myth of creation it is mentioned "How at the beginning of all things was the sun god RA. RA scattered his semen and out of it sprang Shu, the god of dryness, and Tefnut, the goddess of humidity".
Then it goes on to explain Shu and Tefnut produced a new generation of gods.
It's prety similar to your story in chapter "Her Story or his story"
you wrote "In Egyptian mythology, the god Atum hovered over the Nun (waters of chaos) in the form of the Benu Bird or Phoenix until a dry place was found for him to alight. He was "self-created," and originally alone. In a variant of the Egyptian creation myth, Atum was animated and gave birth to the god Shu (Enlil) and the goddess Tefnut/Hathor (Nin-ti) while still in the Nun. "

Do I have to assume that Atum and RA are the same being?. If so I'm confused, somewhere in your ebook you mention Atum being Adam.


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