Isaac-David & Shiloh-Solomon

Mr. Muster,

You continue to misunderstand my work and then not only claim that it is in error but in need of correction with your own unsubstantiated ideas!

As clearly outlined in Chapter 9 and fully documented in the following chapters, David of the Biblical Kings/Chronicles narrative is a composite figure based on the historical persons of Thutmose I & his immediate predecessor Thutmose III. Solomon likewise is a composite based primarily on Amenhotep III but also incorporating his immediate predecessor by the same name, Amenhotep II.

The dual-character David appears in the Torah as two persons, namely Abimelech and his biological son Issac. Solomon is represented in the Torah by Jacob and his grandson Shiloh (a son of Joseph). I realize that these relationships may appear very strange to many, however I emphatically assert that the proposed overlap between the Torah and the Kings/Chronicles narrative has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt in the on-line book, and is indeed the breakthrough that makes all of ancient history and the Bible finally make sense.

I request that you stop posting to the bulletin board on this site. If you want to continue a dialog with other participants, do so through personal emails.

Thank You,
Charles Pope

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