Re: Elysian Fields in Turkey, BUT, originally in A

THE RIVER THAT flowed from EDEN also flowed from the mountain of SION
AND IT DIVEDED OUTSIDE eDEN'S MOUNTAIN INTO THE 4 rIVERS OF pARADISE, THAT CANNOT BE IN tURKEY.............. DAmnED CAPSLOCK! ..... these new -black- keyboards are a nuisance!
THAT eDEN-rIVER is the Styx or the Phlegon but more likely the:"Lethe"
in my opinion that was a river flowing out of the ADEN CRATER which may stil float outof there but is now submerged! Mr Poe thinks that with all this freetime on my hands ,That I am just speculating

WHY IT CANT BE in Turkey?
Why Shiloh is in turkey?
Why two rivers in turkey?
Why sacred marriage story place is in Turkey?
Why maunt Ararat ,which most probably you call mount sion, is in Turkey?
Why Holy Spirit is seen to messiah at mount ararat which is in Turkey?

Solomon chrEstos.