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DEAR mr HELGE HALBART, I could not have said it better,about real or unreal fairytales!

I have got a new provider and Windows XP, but insted of a pleasent dull gray keyboard I must use a * gleaming *black one that shines the Lightbeams in my eyes from the ceiling. I found the old Windows-95 better in use as a wordtext-processor's tool. !
With the new condition/Flat-Screen I cannot save text nor attatchments anymore. I would have liked very much, to be able to have saved Your Worldhistory or fairytale-post "brilliant"WORDING in an
"On-line"article so that I can send it to my Theory'sCo-Author Basile!

My theory is that Totmes-1,2,3 are IDENTICAL to SAUL, DAVIDS & SOLOMON, and that Solomon is NOT Amenhotep-3 Mr. Charles Pope may be an amiable studious man but if he contends that DAVID is a"combination"of Totmes1-2 and Totmes-3 is Amenhotep-3 that is 200 years apart! Ahmed Osman is wrong too: Tyja and Yuja are GRANDfather& GRANDMother to Amenhotep-4 thus One generation apart!
(Am-4/"AknAton")Reigned 850-820 bc!(=New chronology of Velikovsky; NOT by D.Rohl.)

Yakub-her, Kyan, Apohis1-2, Salitis, Calmun etc reigned circa: 1200 bc ( New Chron.Velik.)in THAT respect:" General of Cavalry" Tuja and: "Min-Temple High-Priestess "Tuya
can NEVER be JACOB/Yakub-Her and his wife. They are 400 years apart!
besides the EXODUS was not 40 years: it was "Only"4 years> 1055-1050 bc
(= New Chron.Velik.)The socalled period of-the-Judges was NOT 400 nor 100years
it was incorporated witin the 4 years of a 4 years-Exodus! (The Length of the period of the "Hyksos"sojourn in Egypte.g."400 years" is another matter that I want to discuss at a later date.)

"MOSES" was a megalomaniak,EZDRAS culled this personage from the "Danaos-Myth"" he found in the Egyptian state Archives,(in 450-400 bc.) afterwards burned by Alexander the Great in 331, so we may never read the original"Bible"sourche.! but with the Danaos-Myth we can make a reasonable guess of the colored truth!) Moses, envied his brother(=Aahron's)whealth and resorted in stealing it! (twice in a civil war called the"Attack of the Atlanteans against Old-Athens.(=both ADEN-City.) The Story of Plato's "ATlantis"borrowed heavily on this "DANAOS"Myth. Danaos is both :"ADAM"and ABEL & Aahron
his wicked brother:"EGYPTOS"is both CAIN and Moses. PROF.EZDRAS has
"misused this Danmaos-Myth in the early chapters of his GENESIS.

Now, I have not seen any fancyfull EXPLANATIONS of the Name:"Genesis"
it is supposed to be Latin, meaning to "genere"= bringing forth, in that sence it may mean:"The beginning"(of things.) But it is NOT:"Latin" but matbe Persian-(of Sorts) it -litterally- means:(Story-)-of-the-KINGS-of-Canaan" IF you are not too bored to follow my -ethymological reasoning: GAN(-e)= Garden corrupted into:"Canaan" and,
-SiS= King(s) corrupted from: Sha=King ( Shahsas= KingS.)
Okay people/scholars may make mistakes but Mr. Pope may correct his!

What is Your verdict? You seem to be the:"Consious"of the"Domain-of-Man-Website"

PS I forgot on which post You have given me your private E-MailAddress
I have updated my "Dissertation"PREVIEW" and despite my newWQindowsXP
I can still send it to you by Email as an attatchment( if you can open Attachments that is!) What I have just told you here I have retold it in :"condensed form" I have just my( Free-Wanadoo-) Email Address, to work with and thus no URL-Address.

IF you find my theory(-ies):"Plausible"or not, You may say so in this Forum. If Mr C. POPE is just slightly off the right Track he can still change certain sections of his book-articles to my "NEW-Findings".! Besides his biggest Rival would be Prof. Gunnar Heinsohn,
from Bremen-university (Germany) who is a professor of Economics YET, has ventured on THE SAME PATHS as mr C.POPE, but from a differentAngle

By doiing so he has slashed 500 years off the Egyptian and Assyrian
conventional Dates( where Dr D.Rohl has"only"managed to cut-off:250yrs

I would very much like to know and be informed of, (In the near future.)how Mr POPE and Gunnar Heinsohn have made fruitfull contact(-s) on their Mid-Eastern-Dating Field-project, and what their opinion is of their:"Mutual"progress-efforts that they have presented so far.!

(I myself am no expert on Assyrology and what I DO know comes from Prof.Heinsohn, who contends that the FIRST Babylonian Dynasty never existed and is just a backwards projection, mirror-immage(=Sargon's Mirror)of the Whole Persian-Acheamidean-Dynasty. Sincerely Yours, A.M.

PS what I saved to the last is: In ADEN the cenotaph of the Graves of CAIN & ABEL = EGYPTOS/MOSES & DANAOS/ABEL is shown. What I have not
said so far is that MOSES and AAHRON were Egyptian Pharaoh brothers!
They were ALSO Team-Kings of Atlantis and may have been the 11th Dyn."Mentuhoteps"" (=uncertain.) but they certainly were "KA-Mose & AH-Mose. KA-Mose only reigned 5 years: 1055-50( New Chron.Velik.)and was killed (as a House-Tyrant.)by a niece( Greek name:Polluxo) whom he married. In the Bible Moses gets 120 years but the REAL Moses only lived to be 35! ( the first-3 Israelian Kings each were given by EZDRAS 40 years of reign, but Saul only reigned 10 years; his BROTHER(=NOT"Son")David actally reign only 2 Years; and Solomon actrually DID reign 50 years (but of which 25 years were of hisMother.)so about 200 nonexisting -biblical- years are missing.!

Hatsepsut reigned 40 years whilst conventional chronology gives her "only" 22 years, The"Queen-of-Sheba" was Solomons'Mother:"Batsheba
SHE would have been Souvern-Queen of Israel between David and Solomon
for 40 years, but she was:"Stricken"from the Kings-list by her "Wise"(=blood-thirsty)son Solomon. I CONSIDER THIS a new discovery!

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