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Sequenenre Tao II/Apophis II was the son of Senakhtenre Tao I/Apophis I. The father of Tao II was probably Sekhemre Sobekemsaf I, who is also found in the 17th Dynasty king-list. This cannot be said for certain because we know so little about the 17th Dynasty kings. However, they are much better known by their Hyksos and Babylonian names. For example, Tao I was not only known as Apophis I, but also as Samsu-ditana and Burnaburiash in "Kassite" Babylon. His father was the Hyksos king Khyan and known as Ammi-saduqa and Agum II/Kakrime in Kassite Babylon. See Chart 16 and Charts 5a & 5b for the timeline.

Tao I was also known as Shattuara in Mitanni, which is apparently the source of his Torah epithet of Terah.

The late 17th Dynasty and early 18th Dynasty was a highly volatile period, and it is also a particular emphasis of my book (See Chapters 9-15, and also Chapter 28) - primarily because so much Biblical history is devoted to it!